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"One of the many great things about this studio is that the teachers are always warm and welcoming. The class offerings are nice and diverse. There are fun flow classes as well as wonderfully centering classes. If you're looking to try a new yoga class OR start yoga, check this studio out. I love it!"  ~BC


Yoga Village is proud to offer classes in a variety of styles and levels! There's something for everyone!

*  appropriate/recommended for beginners

Anusara Yoga (levels 1* - 3 available)
Anusara is known as the "Yoga of Yes," emphasizing great alignment while connecting mind, body and heart. Individual classes will vary from normal room temperature to warm, more vigorous to more basic, and all classes will include a combination of flow/vinyasa, longer holds and detailed instructions. You'll enjoy knowing the personalities of the teachers and fellow students as you explore your own practice.


Great explanations and guidance about moving your body in new ways.  Beginner-friendly, but perfect for new AND continuing students.  Gentle classes have a more relaxing tone, but will still provide a full class experience.  Basics teaches more details.

Espresso Yoga
A fun early morning class to start your day off right! Mixed levels with a combination of playful flowing poses and steady centering poses.

Flow - Mixed Levels
Fluid but moderately paced class with less emphasis on detailed instruction. Accessible to most students, variations offered for more or less challenge but is intended for the experienced student. A great class for enjoying your practice and the freedom that comes from movement.

Gong Nidra*

Allow the body to deeply rest as the mind begins to settle, with the practice of Yoga Nidra.  In this relaxed state, feel waves of Gong vibration wash away tension, stress, and energy blockages, leaving you feeling energized, balanced, and at peace.

Be guided to experience the gifts of settling into a focused state and exploring the power and beauty of the breath.

Restorative Yoga*
Fully supported and passive yoga poses that allow gravity to do the work for you while using the breath to encourage a deep opening in the body & creating space within. Restorative Yoga allows you to let go of any held tensions, anxiety and stress. Highly recommended for everyone!

Sunday Stretch*

An all-levels mix of asana, yin, and restorative.

Tai Chi*
All-level exploration of this ancient practice. Slow-moving and low-impact. Gently challenging and accessible.

The Practice
Enjoy an informal tone and more advanced poses in a teacher-led practice. Students should have an established, strong practice and familiarity of the Anusara alignment principles.

Yoga Nidra*
In this transformative class we use props to allow a deep opening and relaxation in the body releasing stress and stored toxins.  This class utilizes several different techniques including Yoga Nidra, breath work, and restorative postures. In the state of Yoga Nidra, tension is released from the body on a physical level, and the mind completely switches off bringing the body into balance.  Restorative poses offer benefits to both the body and mind, for conditions including: insomnia, asthma, chronic pain, migraines and depression. Enjoy this class full of balance and bliss.