RYT 500

E-RYT 500

"I feel stronger and more relaxed every time I take your class.  It has a welcoming environment, a challenging format, and I leave just a little proud of myself."  ~MS

Elena took her first yoga class in 2004 and quickly fell in love with it. As a dancer in high school and in college, yoga felt natural to her, and she found herself very drawn to the practice. She started practicing yoga at Yoga Village in 2009 and gained a great appreciation for Anusara. Elena completed her 200 hour teacher training with Barbara and Paulette. She is also certified to teach kids yoga, and is currently teaching yoga to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Fountain Hills several days a week.

Lisa fell in love with the practice of yoga at age 43. Her fist influential teachers were Jordan and Martin Kirk with whom she studied for her 200 hour certification credentials. Lisa began teaching around the Valley in 2003 and has been a devoted student at Yoga Village since the cork floor was laid and she helped to paint the walls. Anusara Yoga makes her feel most "at home," and she credits the very talented teachers who have shown her how to expand her heart, mind and body. She enjoys taking a great flow class and loves to teach beginning students.

Lisa also holds a master level certification in Holy Yoga (M-HYI) and offers classes using Biblical themes to local area churches. Lisa is married and the proud mother of two great children. Her greatest passion is inspiring people to reach their potential in mind, body and spirit. 

Barbara Adams, Owner

RYT 200

Julie Lemerond

The inspiring Rasoul brings a beautiful blend of experience to Yoga Village. He has over 20 years of experience as a martial artist and teaches Tai Chi and Chi Qung. He is a registered yoga teacher and graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Rasoul is also a graduate of the Scottsdale Community College, where he received certification as a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), with a focus on alignment. He is the creator of Chi Yoga Do Witch, where he creatively blends yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Qung into one fluid, yet meditative class. Rasoul has a weekly yoga program featured online at www.timebroadcasting.com. To learn more about Rasoul, please visit www.chiyogado.com.

E-RYT 500

Anusara Certified Teacher

"Her classes are creative, engaging, planned, and enjoyable...She offers exceptionally insightful instruction, and inspirational messages throughout the class. Elena is a natural born teacher."  ~DI

Mae began her yoga journey when she was 13. After many years of practice, she decided in 2008 to pursue teaching and has been in love with it since. Trained in the Anusara method, she imbues her classes with thoughtful alignment, spontaneous humor, and heart. Mae is especially fond of deep back bends, but enjoys the well-roundedness of the practice. In addition to practicing Anusara® Yoga, Mae is huge fan of Acro Yoga, which is a combo of traditional yoga, acrobatics, and Thai yoga massage. She has much gratitude for the teachers that have guided her along the path: Barbara Adams (mom and yoga teacher extraordinaire), Paulette Bodeman, Angie Santucci, John Friend, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh, and her many incredible Acro friends. 

Angie began her yoga studies in 1995 at Arizona Art and Yoga with her most influential teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh, and has been teaching ever since. She furthered her studies with various styles of yoga in New York and Los Angeles, and is certified with Yoga Alliance RYT 500 as well as Anusara.  She teaches biomechanical alignment for optimal physical health and includes music and flow to achieve meditation and mindfulness with movement in hopes to create a space for clarity of heart and mind.  Through the years of many yoga teaching experiences, working with athletes, seniors, and medical professionals, she understands the deep healing that occurs with a consistent yoga practice, so she strives to deliver classes that are safe and effective as well as fun and challenging.

In her life outside of yoga, she markets and manages her loving husband’s orthodontic practice, and is on the tail end of raising four amazing boys.

Stephani Lindsey

Michele is certified with Yoga Alliance RYT-200 and is a certified personal trainer with the American Council of Exercise. She is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and published the book, Simply Seasonal, a simple guide to eating delicious and nutritious food. After 20 years working in consumer product goods, Michele walked away at the top of her game as an international sales director based in London and made her way back to excellent health through fitness and nutrition.

Michele’s yoga journey began in search of healing and peace. She studied under Cheryl Oliver, John Salisbury and Anton Mackey, among others. She has a deep understanding of anatomy and gives detailed instruction on alignment while keeping the class flowing with playful sequencing and energizing music. Michele lives her passion for wellness and works to inspire, educate and empower others to live happy and healthy lives.

RYT 200

Rasoul Sobhani

Maggie Carvalho

"Monica demonstrates every position and gives detailed instruction as to body and foot placement to give proper alignment. My flexibility and strength have already improved." ~SS

E-RYT 500

Anusara Certified Teacher

"Katrina - Your class is great, you have such a bright, positive spirit. Thank you!"

E-RYT 200

Anusara Elements Teacher

Elena Long

"Mae is a special gift to the yoga world.  She is a caring compassionate person with a true gift of teaching...I always leave her class feeling better than when I went in!"  ~BA

RYT 500

Anusara Inspired Teacher

"Lisa's personal attention is the best; she checks every student several times during class."  ~JG

Angie Santucci

E-RYT 500

Anusara Certified Teacher

Stephani began her journey of yoga in 2001; while recovering from a near-fatal car accident, she experienced a sense of integration through yoga unlike anything else.  Anusara and Yoga Alliance certified (E-RYT 500), she trained under John Friend, Martin and Jordan Kirk, Ulla Lundgren, Noah Maze, Naime Jezzeny, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega, and Manorama D'Alvia, to name the primary influences, and has taught at The Yoga Experience in Flagstaff and Yoga Oasis in Tucson.  
Stephani's teaching style is fun and playful, with a serious intensity.  She weaves her love of the alignment, psychology and philosophy into her teaching in a down-to-earth way.  Stephani has a BS in Community Health Promotions from Northern Arizona University, and also works as a massage therapist, specializing in deep tissue and therapeutic massage.
She enjoys being physically active, reading, walking her two Pomeranians, and spending time with her beloved fiance, Dana.  She has a twin sister, Staci, and a little brother, Ryan, who live in Phoenix, and a younger sister, Jessica, who lives in PA.

Lisa Kneller

Paulette Bodeman

"Barbara, you provide a great service, not only of knowing one's body through Yoga, but also of building community and friendship.  You are an inspiration to all women."  ~YD

Barbara has been the owner of Yoga Village Fountain Hills since 2003 and Yoga Village Scottsdale since 2006.  She has studied and practiced several styles of yoga, but has enthusiastically embraced Anusara® Yoga since 2003 and is Anusara certified.  Barbara loves ALL that yoga offers and has especially focused on alignment and bio-mechanically sound approaches in her studies. She is deeply appreciative to her fellow teachers for daily inspiration.  Barbara has a MS in Counseling and Human Development and worked in behavioral health for 15 years - she is delighted to see how yoga can bring contentment to so many hearts and how the yoga philosophy weaves seamlessly with her Counseling studies.

Barbara's husband, Wiley, and two grown children, Frank and Mae, have been a constant source of support and offer sure and steady help in running the studios and keeping it all fun.  Barbara  offers her wisdom in a heartfelt way through her teaching.

Julie grew up taking ballet, and always had a passion for dance and movement. But during college, workouts started consisting simply of running or lifting weights, and became boring and unfulfilling. Discovering yoga changed her life, as it sparked that passion for movement but also gave her so much more in the process.

After taking yoga classes for many years, in 2010 she got certified to teach by the Southwest Institute of Health and Healing Arts (SWIHA), and has been teaching around the Valley since. She returned to SWIHA to receive certification in Yoga Nidra with Kamini Desai, which she is proud to facilitate and share, knowing the tremendous impact meditation has on our bodies and souls. Julie's classes are centered around enjoying and having fun with the practice of yoga - finding peace and joy even in the midst of challenge.

RYT 200

Sarka Hulpachova

Besides being a professional classical singer and Fine Arts teacher, Rita is also a Yoga Nidra facilitator, Reiki Master and Gong Master. She discovered yoga as a kid watching and trying to imitate Lillias Yoga and You on PBS. She revisited yoga off and on over the years and then really got the yoga bug in 2004 after her younger daughter was born, taking mom and baby yoga classes. Her passion for yoga and healing lead her to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where she studied yoga with Laura McKinzie and graduated RYT 200 in 2014.  She loves to incorporate chanting and readings into her classes, paying close attention to alignment and the breath. Rita is most excited that her recent addition to her career path has opened the door to yoga for her husband, Jay, and daughters, Elizabeth and Natalie who have a regular practice.  She enjoys running and hiking with her family and three dogs, and is determined to make sure her daughters are well-versed in classic musicals, movies and television.

RYT 500

John is a 200 hours teacher, trained in the Anusara perspective. A graduate of Yoga Village, he had most of his studies with Barbara Adams and Paulette Bodeman, and has also trained with Jordan and Martin Kirk as well as Denise Hatch at Yoga Sports Performance.

John found his love for YOGA unexpectedly, at his GYM where he still practices and teaches. He describes his philosophy of yoga as "Simply Yoga Sport." His emphasis is always on good alignment, strength, flexibility, and balance, but you will be in for a very energetic flow practice, with sprinkles of party poses and arm balancing throughout. John's classes are must-try-and-see-for-yourself, mixed level, high energy, with lots of beginner and advanced variations. His confidence level and strength are contagious and will inspire you to try the unexpected - and most likely succeed.

Monica Rosen

Maggie’s passion for movement began very young as a dancer.  Her yoga path began about 6 years ago when she felt drawn to self-discovery.  She immediately fell in love with the Anusara style and started teaching shortly after receiving her 200 hours from Yoga Village. It was natural to share the information that had changed her life in ways she couldn’t have imagined.  Her teaching style is light and informative, helping students to truly bring the teachings into their everyday life.

“Life is filled with ups and downs.  The teachings of yoga can help us ride the waves with more acceptance, ease, and grace.”

Maggie is a hairstylist in Scottsdale, specializing in non-toxic hair care, and also continues her love for dance, performing with a professional company.

RYT 200

A devoted student of Anusara yoga, Katrina finds joy in her practice. Deeply grateful to all of her teachers, her experience has been one of transformation that integrates body, mind and soul. The study of Tantric philosophy has infused her spirituality with a new vibrancy and the physical practice has helped facilitate and maintain a 50 pound weight-loss. After completing the Anusara Immersions and Teacher Training at Yoga Village, she began teaching in 2007. Katrina believes there is a yoga practice available to every single body, regardless of age or body type. Her invitation to yoga is come-as-you-are. With her encouraging and empowering teaching style, she endeavors to make every class a playful opportunity to explore and expand.

RYT 200

E-RYT 500

"As a teacher, Angie invites your mind, your body and your spirit into the practice of yoga. She offers an exceptional environment to explore and discover. Always leading you in..."  ~LM

"I wanted to let you know I had my first class this morning and Michele was a wonderful teacher.”  ~LS

Michele Rusinko

As a former gymnast from Prague, Sarka's natural path has always been exploring how the physical body alignment and the mind work inseparably. She considers it a blessing that she discovered Yoga a long time ago, and is very pleased to observe how Yoga teachings have attained such a well-deserved popularity.  From her extensive studies of all aspects of Yoga, Sarka learned about the broad complexity this way of life has to offer. After 5 semesters of intense training, she received her 200 hours certification in Yoga from Scottsdale Community College, and has continued to study with Carlyn Sikes to obtain her 500 hours certification in Yoga instruction, as well as an Occupational Certification in Yoga Therapy. She is excited to know and share how we can use our own bodies to heal ourselves.

Mae Adams


Monica came to Yoga Village four years ago with more than twenty years of teaching experience, working with both children and adults in a philosophy-based Art of Yielding (Jujutsu). Since her introduction to Anusara Yoga she has immersed herself into her practice and has been quickly able to reconcile her new learning with her previous experience. The result has been a wonderfully fresh approach to the transmission of yogic instruction. Monica is also a co-founder and active board member of an Arizona non-profit that brings health and wellness to individuals and groups of all ages and walks of life through the mobilemonk.org community outreach programs.

RYT 200

Rita Litchfield-Good

Katrina Abrams

"Paulette - I want to share my appreciation with you for the way you show up in the world and teach. I am grateful every time and in some ways, I am experiencing yoga the way I always imagined it should be."  ~PS

"What you do for people makes a difference in their lives...as I bring the day to an end I thank you for the experience to make my body and mind feel ready for tomorrow." ~SH

RYT 200

Anusara Inspired Teacher

Paulette is a yoga and meditation teacher, a writer and an integrative professional coach. She is also a Reiki Master in the Usui method and is certified in the systems of Anusara Yoga with a 500 hour RYT Certificate. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years. Paulette has studied with meditation masters and Tantric scholars for over 20 years and she has a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She continues to study and learn, which is what makes her such a great teacher and coach.

Paulette is the founder of The Worth System – a program that helps women improve the quality of their lives. She wants every woman to wake up to her worth. Paulette leads immersions, teacher-trainings, retreats, tele-seminars, plus one-on-on coaching. You can visit her and download 4 guided meditations: paulettebodeman.com or at facebook.

John Bucur