...is a place where friends can gather to build a community of like hearts and minds.  Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to yoga, you will find a home at Yoga Village. Here you can discover and expand the capacity of your heart, mind, and body.

...offers nearly 60 classes a week and in many styles. We offer two professional studio locations, in Scottsdale and in Fountain Hills. Come join us for a great yoga experience, guided by certified experienced teachers, designed to meet the needs of students of ALL levels. Enjoy an environment that both accepts and challenges you!

..is a fabulous yoga teacher school. We offer training for both aspiring yoga instructors and dedicated students.  The quality and range of our training is unsurpassed!

Thanks for 15 incredible years!


Discover all of the various programs, classes, and events offered at either of our two Yoga Village locations.
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Yoga Village has been a vibrant part of the yoga community since 2003. With studios in both Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, we offer about 50 classes every week. Students of all skill and experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to strengthen, settle, and soothe the soul. Yoga Village is also a Yoga Teacher School, registered with Yoga Alliance. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of instruction for over 10 years! Our teachers are all certified and dedicated to continuing their own exploration of the treasures of yoga. Come join us to learn about yoga, your body, your self!


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SCOTTSDALE - Sunday Stretch with Michele
"Relaxing and comforting. The perfect class on a Sunday night."


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A yoga studio and home for the hearts of yogis in the Phoenix area to grow and celebrate the greatness within ourselves. http://yogavillage.net/
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